Impromptu Project Space

This inviting, on-demand workspace design can be created in seconds and keeps teams of any size connected for the duration of a project with privacy and plenty of space to jot down ideas, deadlines and milestones.
SC_Groupwork_Flip_Table_2x Open image tooltip

Groupwork Flip-Top Table

For collaboration and training, the Groupwork Flip-Top table features intuitive, safe and simple flipping, nesting, moving and stowing capabilities.

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Flex Mobile Power with Optional Cart

Steelcase Flex Mobile Power is a sleek, smart mobile power solution that gives teams and individuals the freedom to work anywhere they want. It’s easy to grab, go and get things done.

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Flex Acoustic Boundary

The Steelcase Flex Acoustic Boundary is a necessity in any busy team space. It provides acoustic performance, space division and a visual display area.

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Flex Screen

Steelcase Flex Screens offer options for space division, personal privacy and visual display. These lightweight, freestanding screens come in three shapes and sizes and connect with a magnetic edge.

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Flex Markerboard

Steelcase Flex Markerboards are lightweight and mobile for creating, sharing and moving your work.

SC_Flex_Wall_Rail_2x Open image tooltip

Flex Wall Rail

The Steelcase Flex Wall Rail is a wall-mounted backdrop and focal point for all your team’s work. Two tracks allow for layering of content and information on markerboards and screens.

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Flex Stand

The Steelcase Flex Stand is a multi-purpose essential that provides a surface for your laptop, or holds screens and markerboards when pitching and sharing information.

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Flex Accessories

The Steelcase Flex basket and cup are the perfect accessory to hold all of your team’s essentials, providing functionality, utility and personalization.

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Tiki Low Stool

Tiki is the ideal stool for any party, indoors or outdoors. The steel legs and seat give the design a pure, uncomplicated line. Or why not opt for a stylish twist, with a wooden seat?

SC_Amia_Chair_2x Open image tooltip

Amia Air Chair

Amia is a hardworking, versatile ergonomic office chair that adds an element of sophistication to any workspace.

TS_Campfire_Lounge_System_2x Open image tooltip
Blu Dot

Welf Shelves

This simple steel shelf turns any spare wall space into a minimal and attractive storage solution.